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College Pets: That’s a good idea?

Nothing makes me more angry than when people get pets at college …

It’s not that I hate pets, or that I don’t like animals; what I hate is irresponsible owners who get pets, and then don’t train, don’t care about them, or make fun of them …

Whether you live in a share, an apartment or a house, if you think about getting a pet in this semester, you can think twice. We had it all, I’ve got fish, amsterists, and it was about $50 to get a cat of my first year …

But I will tell you from my own experience and others that I know who had pets in college, that getting a pet is a huge responsibility, expenses and hasel ..

You may think it’s a good idea, because it never seemed to be a big deal at home, but it’s probably because your DITEFC was the one that pulls most of the weight …

Believe me, you don’t want a pet in college, and that’s why:

The biggest thing is that with the help of a pet is the associated costs. First you have to buy the pet; if it is a dog (especially pure rubble), it may run away from you anywhere from several hundred dollars to a thousand. Cats are not cheap either; cats can be a couple hundred dollars …

Every dog love care from your owner, forget about essay and trust this thing us, just buy essay and be happy with your pet!

In addition to the pet, you must buy all accessories, food products, bedding, toys, etc. If you think all of the above is cheap, think again. In the cell and the bedding, you will be returned to the LEAST $150-$200 ..

Don’t forget about the vet! You have to get your home pictures, fix it, pay for the drugs, if it’s bad, regular checkups, and so on. Do you really want those expensive bills when you can barely afford a domino for dinner?While you and your roommate may think it’s a reasonable decision to share the cost of your new pet, this solution only raises one question: Who owns your ripper?

Who’s taking a pet because of a vacation? Who’s taking pets to prom? Who pays the veterinarian when the other person can’t afford it? Who is ultimately responsible? Do you see where I’m going with this?Who will be the one who cleans the inevitable \”accidents\” in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, or somewhere else in your room? Who’s in charge of the basement? You’re gonna have to do it every week.